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Who We Are

Since 2008, TeleMed International (TMI) has been a pioneer as a facilitator to providing unprecedented access to quality healthcare through Telemedicine. From proof of concept pilot programs to nationwide projects across Egypt and beyond.

TMI latest advancements in telemedicine technology, software, products, and cutting-edge solutions facilitate unprecedented outreach for healthcare providers and unique access to quality healthcare for patients. TMI telemedicine facilitates healthcare that transcends geography, time, and cost.

TMI range of solutions, products and in-house consultants allow us to customize the solution that best fits your needs. We will keep you ahead of the curve by continuously upgrading your services to match the fast pace of technology transformation.

TMI telehealth solutions include secure encrypted software platforms, telemedicine cameras and medical devices, and project management team and an experienced technical support team that keep your telemedicine program running without a glitch.

What is Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare via telecommunication technologies ICT, it could be as simple as two healthcare professionals discussing a patient using videoconferencing technology or as complex as remote tele-robotic surgery.

Telemedicine transcends geography and time and alleviates the need to travel, cutting cost, time and effort by providing quality healthcare at the patient’s geographical location. It does not substitute the classic relationship between physicians and patients but adds value and make that relationship richer and more collaborative.

By removing the unnecessary geographical restriction for the healthcare provider innovative telemedicine delivery models can benefit both the health careprovider and the patient alike. Telemedicine provides exceptional outreach for doctors and unprecedented access for patients . The patient will be able to receive the appropriate high quality healthcare at his remote geographical location, at the appropriate time by the right specialist with no need to travel.