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TMI Customizable Telemedicine Mobile Cart and Field Bags

Every customer has their own set of unique needs, so we have designed our mobile carts to accommodate the different needs and environments. Desktop, Wall mounts, Hard Case for the field emergency and disaster response, Tablet roller carts, Single Screen roller carts and Multiscreen roller carts are some of our popular models.

TMI Customizable Telemedicine Platform Software and App

Our robust encrypted secure software solutions and portals are the core of our telemedicine and telehealth set-ups. The variety of medical devices and scopes integrate and work seamlessly with the software to power the real-time telemedicine virtual encounter. The telemedicine platform enables remote clinical healthcare providers to capture and share medical device data, exchange documents and medical images in real-time, and participate in a live video conference.
The platform will work in a closed (enterprise networks) as well as in open networks using the internet.
We can customize your platform according to your needs from these four components:

  • TMI Videoconferencing Engine:
    Enables a multi-stream high quality encrypted video conferencing allowing many to many communication. Facilitates seamless integration with medical equipment and scopes. Works efficiently in a low bandwidth environment.
  • TMI secure Transfer:
    For acquiring, archiving and transfer of Rich Medical Media and Data and archive to a Patient Electronic Medical File. Rich Medical Data like reports, X-Ray, ECG, MSCT, scope and general exam images.
  • Scheduling system:
    Online scheduling.
  • Payment system:
    Online payment system with a credit card or a loyalty/membership card.

TMI Telemedicine devices and scopes

TMI provides various medical devices and scopes that function as the telemedicine outreach hand, eye and ear for the provider. These medical devices and scopes that can be integrated into our TMI software and platform as well as third-party platforms.

Medical gadgets:

  • Digital Blood Pressure Meter
  • Digital General Exam Cam
  • Digital Non Contact thermometers
  • Digital ECG
  • Digital Dermascope
  • Digital Ophthalmoscope
  • Digital Otoscope
  • Digital Stethoscope
  • Blood glucometer
  • Pulse Oximeter