“The Smart Way of Connecting Doctors & Patients”


www.TeleMedVC.com TMI presents you with its cloud based telemedicine suite that facilitates a direct communication face to face videoconferencing between you and your patients. www.telemedvc.com is a HIPAA compliant, encrypted, secure, economical, easy to use and fast to set-up telemedicine solution.

Most vital it will work in low bandwidth internet to connect you with your patients in any environment.

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To make your experience is more complete and convenient you can simply use it from your PC or iPad or you can mount it on large LCD screen, our TMI mobile cart or even carry it in our state-of-the-art hard cover rugged case.

www.telemedvc.com is branded by your logo and is equipped with a flexible scheduling system, online payment system and a personal health record system to keep your patient files in the cloud and on demand.

We also have several add-ons that you may find rewarding such as our state-of-the-art Telemedicine Cart, Carry on Portable Unit, General exam CAM and ENT CAM.