“Doctors Expand Their Exposure &Outreach”


sehapro2SehaPro is TMI's flagship package. It is a group of services that collaborate to provide doctors with unprecedented exposure and outreach. SehaPro intelligently exploits the trendy social media wave and facilitates a smart way of connecting doctors and patients from all over the world with particular interest in the MENA region.

We combine different platforms to provide you with maximum outreach to both internet and mobile users at a minimal cost.

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We will now introduce you to the SehaPro family;, i-Seha, LiveStream, e-marketing, and . Is an attractive on-demand / on-the-go health and wellness awareness video library directed to the general public.

Video clips can be watched on a PC, tablet, iPad and mobile.

Our video team visits your clinic and records your short health and wellness video clips. Each clip is expected to be around 3-4 minutes discussing topics YOU feel your public needs to know about. Our team will help you create and interesting clip with graphic inserts.

Your clips are published at You will also be able to publish the clips at your own website.

Our in-house e-marketing team intelligently markets SehaClip reaching out to the whole world with particular attention in targeting the more than 300 million internet users in the MENA region and the Millions of Facebook subscribers.

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i-Seha An edited version of your recorded videos is published as health alert on the mobile platform of the three local mobile operators and outreaching to the 112 Million mobile subscribers in Egypt.


Tele-Med Live Stream LiveStream events energize your direct engagement with the public and provide chatting opportunity.


sehapro8e-Marketing Today consumers are drowning in massive advertisement with irrelevant messages delivered across the different media channels. Our in-house e-marketing team makes sure your message goes out to the right target audience in the right time at the right place in an intelligent and innovative way, with right context, aligned with their social goals and needs. To complete the loop TMI presents you with its cloud based telemedicine suite that facilitates a direct videoconferencing communication link between you and the patients you have reached out too via the SehaPro package. is a HIPAA compliant, encrypted, secure, economical, easy to use and fast to set-up telemedicine solution. Most vital it will work in low bandwidth internet to connect you with your patients in any environment. To make your experience more complete and convenient to develop your business model is be branded by your logo and is equipped with a flexible scheduling system, online payment system and a personal health record system to keep your patient files in the cloud and on demand. We also have several add-ons that you may find rewarding such as our state-of-the-art Telemedicine Cart, Carry On Portable Unit, General exam CAM and ENT CAM.