The Egyptian Remote Telemedicine Network

“Reaching out to the Underserved Population”

Recent advances in information and telecommunications have changed the way services are delivered around the globe, and the field of medicine has been no exception. TeleHealth and telemedicine are now one of the fastest-growing medical sectors worldwide. Telemedicine, the delivery of healthcare services through telecommunications technology does not substitute the classic relationship between physicians and patients but adds value and make that relationship richer and more collaborative.

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The Egyptian Remote Area Telemedicine Network (ERTN) is a pilot program to benefit the remote underserved communities in Egypt. The program is operated by Tele-Med International and supported by the Magdi Yacoub Aswan Heart center and Idrak arm of Misr ElKheir.

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TMI telemedicine suite "VConsult" is HIPAA compliant, encrypted, secure, economical, easy to use and fast to set-up telemedicine solution that utilizes low bandwidth internet to connect patients in remote underserved areas with specialists and super specialists via face to face real-time webconferencing.


At the moment the ERTN has three remote sites operating ElKharga, Kous and Luxor. More than 400 patients have so far benefited from the service supported the Aswan Heart Center for cardiology in addition to a group of volunteer experts donating their time to provide multi-specialist telemedicine consultations.

The young doctors manning the remote clinics have been the champions of the project. We like to call them Doctor 2.0 as they developed new talents of using different telemedicine gadgets and forged new network reach to multi-specialists from all over Egypt.

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Underserved communities can benefit most by TMI telemedicine clinics that can be easily set at the most remote or rural region transforming the local GP into a superspecialist by connecting him to renowned specialized health providers.

The success of the ERTN paves the way to expand the process of telemedicine to more underserved communities in Egypt in both rural and remote regions as well as urban underserved dwellings.