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“Reaching Out to the Young Doctors through e-learning”

Computers are increasingly used in medical education. Electronic learning (e-learning) is moving from textbooks in electronic format to a truly interactive medium that can be delivered to meet the educational needs of doctors.

Computer technology can present reliable, reusable content in a format that is convenient to the learner.

It can be used to transcend geographical boundaries and time zones.

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Continuing Medical Education (CME) is widely acknowledged as an indispensable part of the working life of physicians. With the introduction of the Internet, e-learning, i.e. the use of Internet technologies that enhance knowledge and performance can be integrated into CME programs.

Compared to conventional learning, e-learning has the advantage that participants can choose the place and time of education themselves.

CME helps those in the medical field maintain competence and learn about new and developing areas of their field.


The program aims to provide continuous medical education via Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) to improve the medical skills and knowledge of the large population of doctors in Egypt. The program will comprise series of continuous interactive educational sessions held in the Egyptian Medical Syndicate main site and live broadcasted to the selected remote locations via a state-of-the-art ICT e-learning platform which will facilitate online testing and will allow for evaluation of the learners and accordingly grant CME credits that will add to the development of their career. The audience in those remote sites will be able to interact with the speaker. Other doctors elsewhere can also follow the educational session in real-time via the program’s web-site portal, and will be able to write their comments and inquiries on the portal. The session when completed will be on the portal on-demand for late watching. The program’s web-site portal will also include a collection of on-demand training courses designed for different medical specialties. The Egyptian Medical Syndicate will have the choice to allow access to those courses free of charge or for a certain fee.