Dr. Wael Abdel Aal

Dr. Wael Abdel Aal is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tele-Med International, Egypt’s first tele-health service provider delivering accessible and affordable healthcare via telecommunications technology.

Dr. Abdel Aal believes that tele-health has the potential to revolutionize the delivery of medical services making it more personalized and more accessible offering a high standard of care to patients across Egypt, the Middle East and Africa region.

Dr. Abdel Aal is a member of several international societies and review boards, and has published numerous scholarly articles in the field of cardiology. He currently serves as an executive board member at the Magdi Yacoub Foundation’s Aswan Heart Center. Dr. Abdel Aal is also a founding board member and former Vice President of the Pan-Arab Congenital Heart Disease Association (PACHDA); and a founding board member and former President of the Egyptian Society of Congenital Heart Disease. 

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 His work in pediatric cardiology and contribution in medical charity missions has exposed Dr. Abdel Aal to first hand experience to the hardships of families and children with heart disease in remote isolated areas. He has made it a mission to bring medical care to those patients and hopes that telemedicine will help alleviate the suffering of those needy children and families. He is involved with multiple charity programs that organize medical missions to provide underserved children suffering from heart disease with quality care. The missions focus on remote and rural areas in the Middle East and North Africa region and are carried out in cooperation with international medical charities such as the Chain of Hope and Gift of Life.