Dr. Hussein Ramadan

husainHussein Ramadan began his professional career as a medical doctor before undertaking a major career shift into business management. Dr. Ramadan is currently the Deputy Managing Director of MEDMARK TPA, a sister company of MEDMARK Health & Life, a market pioneer in the management and promotion of global medical assistance, and health and life insurance services in Egypt. MEDMARK has 20 years of experience in the industry, and works with top global providers.

 Mr. Ramadan received his BA in Medicine and General Surgery from the Cairo University School of Medicine. Following graduation, he practiced interventional radiology at the Cairo Radiology Center for two years, before making the decision to leave medicine and pursue a new career path.

After receiving his M.Sc. in Business Management from the UK’s University of Surrey in 2004, Mr. Ramadan joined MEDMARK Health & Life before ascending to the position of board member and Deputy Managing Director of MEDMARK TPA. In this position he manages the administration of international medical insurance providers including Bupa International, Vanbreda International and DELTA Insurance Company, who serve clients in over 100 countries worldwide.

In addition to his responsibilities at MEDMARK, Mr. Ramadan also serves as a partner and member of the board at Cairo Radiology Center and Telemed International, Egypt’s first health service provider delivering accessible, affordable and efficient healthcare via telecommunications technology.