Dr. Ashraf Selim

Prof. of Radiology – Cairo University

Dr. Ashraf Selim graduated from Faculty of Medicine – Cairo University.

He is one of Egypt’s preeminent experts in the fields of Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging including Conventional Radiology, Contrast Studies, Mammography, CT, MRI, Ultrasonography, Nuclear medicine and Interventional Radiology

Being Board member of the Tele-Med International Company, he believes that tele-health has the potential to revolutionize the delivery of medical services making it more personalized and more accessible.

He is the Founder, Managing Director and Board Member of Cairo Diagnostic Imaging Centers since 1999, also is Board Member of Alexandria Radiology Center (Alex Scan) since 2002.

In addition of being an Executive Manager and Board Member of Cairo Radiology Center (Cairoscan) from February 2003 till date, he is Founder and President of the Egyptian Society of Women's Imaging and Health Care (NGO) since 2004 till date.

Dr. Ashraf Selim is Head of the Scientific team of Royal Egyptian Mummy CT Scanning Project conducted by the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

As part of his community services concerns, he is Consultant at the National Screening Project of the Ministry of Health and Population for Early Detection of Breast Cancer Campaign.