The ultimate solution for B2C Telemedicine.

Fully branded cloud portal for E-consultations & Tele-health, easily accessible, you can start your E-clinic in few days.

Basic Features

In few steps you will have your e-clinic up & running

1.Easy, user friendly platform.

2.Secured encrypted Video conferencing telemedicine sessions.

3.Flexible Scheduling options.

4.Simple Basic EMR for patients.

Premium Features

1.Full branding matching your brand identity.

2.Many payment options.

3.Advanced Customization to fit in your exact clinic routine.

4.Possibility of local hosting.


The professional B2B Telemedicine platform for controlled environment Telemedicine.

Connecting healthcare providers to their remote clinics everywhere.

The comprehensive Telemedicine solution

to build your full virtual Polyclinic / Hospital

1.Matching standards & regulations (HL7)

2.Perfect Usability & smooth user experience

3.Flexible Integration with different EMR/HIS

4.Tailored customization & adjustable business model

5.Perfect for local hosting & controlled Environment

6.Maximizing the outreach & assuring perfect ROI

7.Guaranteed Users (doctors / patients) satisfaction